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WhatsappGb is 100% SAFE, The WhatsApp GB is considered to be the best type of modified application. It is also considered the new versions have been released, here are the advantages of downloading the GB WhatsApp. It is considered one of the most important and easiest chat apps around the world.

GBWhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Updated 2024 For Android


Its use is very easy and simple, as it is specific to the field of sending and receiving text messages and free calls, whether it is voice calls or video calls. GB WMassap Update included a web scanner, Direct chat, fake chat, text-to-emoji converter, story saver, Daily status for WhatsApp, and Quick to send messages. WhatsApp offers the best version of GBAP with multiple impressive functions to enhance users' contacts with their friends and family. The modern version with antibiotics supports all kinds of Android devices. Enjoy an amazing experience of chatting with HD Quality Video and FreeWare App with HD Quality Video and Photos. This app is the best alternative for the public and businesses.


Hide Online Status
Hide Online Status
Airplane Mode
Airplane Mode
Status Download
Status Download
Auto Reply
Auto Reply
Media Sharing
Media Sharing

Auto Reply feature

The automatic feature is useful when users need to respond to their friends immediately. It is especially useful for promoting business and facilitating unlimited bulk messages in any chat or group. This ensures that you can still see messages, even if the sender deletes them at your end.

Auto Reply feature

Hide Status View

GB WhatsApp’s conceal status view highlight permits clients to see others’ situations with uncovering their own view movement.

Hide Status View

Customized topics

These permit users to customize their app order, which has no limit to the number of changes. Different types of topics are already there, with the manufacturer mixing continuously. This tool is particularly fun when used to make fun of your friends with an unexpected arrival of messages.

Customized topics


1 Is WhatsAppGB APK safe to use?
Yes, WhatsApp GB APK is safe to use. Just make sure users get it from a trusted place. This app is easy to use.
2 Can I use WhatsAppGB APK with the regular WhatsApp?
Users can have both on their phones, and they won't get mixed up.
GBWhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Updated 2024 For Android

What is the WhatsApp GB?

The GB WhatsApp represents the non-official, WhatsApp variations compared to the standard version. Surprisingly, its existence is unknown to about 80 80 % of consumers. The GB WhatsApp app is the best edition of the WhatsApp app, offering features and customization selection. Freedomlessly developed by a third party, GB WhatsApp supplies attractive attributes.

WhatsApp GB Free Download

The GBWhatsApp is a third-party request. To get the modern version of GB WhatsApp from our website. In addition, keep an eye on our official website for updates in time. Here are detailed measures about the latest downloading of the modern version of GB WhatsApp from the official website. The new version of the Official GB WhatsApp has come with many new features and users can download the modern version free from here, this is the most favorite edited version available  

GB WhatsApp download;GB WhatsApp

Comparison Between WhatsApp GB APP and Simple WhatsApp

The developers of GB WhatsApp developed the platform, which mainly resembled the original WhatsApp, but for a while, it was light because of the more confidentiality, security, and customization features. Extremely relevant to the user's privacy, GB WhatsApp apk presents numerous features such as 'hide online status', hide double blue tick, and more. Being separated from the standard WhatsApp style. A fingerprint, pin, or password lock can be used to lock a specific chat box or the entire application.

Whatsapp GB features

Better options for privacy

The GB WhatsApp App is equipped with advanced privacy settings that are absent in the original WhatsApp. These settings provide users with control to decide whether to show or hide their online status.

The lock of the application

The feature of the application Lock provides an additional layer of security, which requires patterns, pins, passwords, or fingerprints to access your messages.

Increase the media sharing range

Unlike the official WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp permits users to send more and more photos simultaneously. Furthermore, users can share video clips up to 50 MB and audio clips up to 100 MB.

Status download

The application permits users to download photos and videos from the status quo by other contacts. This eliminates the need for third-party apps, which gives users the freedom to save any status from your contact list.

How does WhatsApp look like

The WhatsApp GBAP permits users to change their requests and give their WhatsApp personal touch. Users can choose different themes, and even customize the font so that a chat interface can be prepared that is in line with their style.

Keep your secrets safe

This amazing feature permits you to hide when you are online or read messages without telling others.

Share big videos and photos

Fade, say goodbye to compressed media! WhatsApp GBAP permits users to share big videos and high-quality images, so users can enjoy sharing moments with friends without worrying about quality loss.

Write Messages Later

With this feature, users can compose messages and schedule them to be sent at a specific time.

Chat Screen Action Bar

One of the standout features of the application is the ability to modify how contact information is displayed through the action bar.

App Language

WhatsApp GB proffers the ability to change the app's language to one user are more comfortable with. With support for different languages, users can choose the one that best suits their needs.

DND Mode

DND mode is another wonderful maintaining feature of the GB WhatsApp. In the limelight, DND refers to the "Don't Distress" mode, and when activating it, the Internet connection is only fixed for the GB WhatsApp.

Text messages Broadcast

Users can send Broadcast text messages to groups which is a great feature.

Filter messages

The GB Whatsapp APK is formulated with the Filter Messages feature which supplies the user with an option to clear chat which can also filter their messages.

WhatsApp GB APK Key features

  • Video and audio calls can be made
  • The theme is the unique combination of
  • Download WhatsApp GB without the cost
  • Users can download other places of places without asking them
  • DND mode supporting
  • Block and block contacts
  • A fantastic combination of emojis, stickers, and GIFS is available
  • Users can speed up voice messages
  • The feature of hiding online status is available
  • Users can mark their favorite data
  • This application is very easy to use
  • Pin more than 3 contacts easily.

What is used for the GB WhatsApp?

In short, GB WhatsApp serves as a limited version of the original application, proposing functions and features that are beyond officially permitting items. Although some of these features may eventually enter the official application, many people remain special for GB WhatsApp. Through GB WhatsApp, users gain more control over their chats and conversations, which enables users to customize their messaging experience as never before.

What's new in the WhatsAppGB ?

  • New user interface while adding a story.
  • Users can cut the net from WhatsApp GB.
  • When there is a background of the image, there is a colorful preview where a problem is solved.
  • Fixed transmission for not working in full solution.
  • Defeated 80 % of some status download issues.
  • Hide the modern update.

How to update GB WhatsApp for Android?

It was previously explained how to install and download WhatsApp GB for those who did not have the well-known app WhatsApp Green Pocket. People were asked to update their GB WhatsApp the update process is not complicated, but rather a simple process, first download WhatsApp GB from our official website. Then install the copy without deleting the previous performance of WhatsApp Jibi.

What Are GB WhatsApp Advantages?

  • GB WhatsApp is designed to run as smoothly as the original application, ensuring a messaging experience for users.
  • Unlike the original application, GB WhatsApp permits users to send and receive bigger files.
  • Empowering users with the option to personalize their messaging environment, GB WhatsApp's new version enables people to customize their chat experience according to their specific preferences and tastes.
  • From themes and fonts to chat backgrounds and notification settings, users have the freedom to customize the application according to their preferences.
  • With GB WhatsApp, someone can hide their online status, deactivate read receipts, and safeguard specific conversations through password-protected privacy.


If users want the LATEST version of GBWhatsApp APK Download with its all-premium features, then download it from here without losing a penny. Download the application from here, enjoy all its premium features, and also share this amazing application with your friends.